Mediation Services


Couples interested in avoiding litigation find mediation to be an effective method for resolving differences when laying down the terms of divorce. Typically in a divorce case, often times clients call asking whether both parties can use the same attorney to cut costs. The simple answer is, no. Both parties technically have adverse interests; therefore an attorney cannot properly or ethically represent both sides.

But if the parties have reached agreements as to what they want to do with the marital estate, custody and support issues, our firm can provide the mediation services to assist the parties in finalizing the agreements into a successful, completed divorce. More likely, Rademaker Law, P.C. will represent one party, draw up all of the paperwork for both parties to sign, and assist the client in getting the divorce processed. Either way, this service is very efficient, affordable and becoming more popular given the knowledge of the parties in handling their own affairs but needing a lawyer to help them get the matter through the courts. Please call our office and schedule a consultation to see if this option is available for you.