Family Law


Divorce Cases:

If our mediation services are not appropriate for your case, then Rademaker Law, P.C. will proceed to assist you through the divorce process. Each case is handled uniquely according to the circumstances of the client, the marital estate and family dynamics. Too often, standard protocols for representation of clients produces unnecessary litigation, expense and prolonged emotional turmoil for the client. Rademaker Law, P.C. will develop a special case strategy to achieve the best possible results for our client.

Child Custody Cases/Retrieval of Children:

Child custody is possibly the most emotionally draining issue for a client to pursue in court. Rademaker Law, P.C., unless there are emergency circumstances, will plan with the client the appropriate response and pursuit of custody with the goal to always protect the best interest of the child(ren). Often times, there are emergencies which require immediate court action.

Rademaker Law, P.C. has been able to go to court, obtain orders, secure enforcement officers and retrieve children from being wrongfully withheld by the other parent in less than a twenty-four-hour time frame. We will make sure the right procedure is developed for you and therefore also will assure you that your costs will be kept reasonably related to the actual litigation needed.

Parenting Time:

Any child deserves to have a relationship with their healthy parent. Rademaker Law, P.C. strives to create a parenting schedule for both parents that is not only in the child's best interest but also makes sense for everyone. Often a simple modification of a schedule can resolve costly future custody battles and continuous Friend of the Court involvement. Rademaker & Kelley's goal is to develop a workable schedule for the families to stay out of court.

Friend of the Court:

There are many negative perceptions about the Friend of the Court. Usually, a better agreement and solid drafting of the court order will keep Friend of the Court's use to a minimum. Our goal is to help our clients use Friend of the Court when they would be most helpful and to have more control over their own lives. Also, when defending a client from Friend of the Court show causes, it is important to prepare the case well before the hearing so that the hearing has the best results; sometimes the hearings can be avoided entirely.

Child Support:

In Michigan, when parents live apart, there automatically exists a right for the primary parent, or the State of Michigan, to obtain financial support from the other parent known as child support. Too often parents misunderstand that their rights to State benefits can lead to a future child support action by the State against the non-custodial parent. This enforcement often leads to a future parenting time/custody problem. Before any kind of child support or state assistance is obtained, it is wise to consult with Rademaker Law, P.C. before taking action.

Child support is determined based on a party’s income, ability to earn income, health or life insurance payments made for the benefit of the children, and having other dependent children. Your debts are not a consideration. It is crucial to ensure that accurate information is used when running the State-imposed child support guidelines so that your support number is correct. Also, when there has been a change in circumstance, a request to modify support can be made AT ANY TIME. Your modification of support only takes effect when a formal motion is filed with the court. Seek immediate consultation with Rademaker Law, P.C. so that arrearages do not accumulate and/or support for the children continues without interruption.


A child is only deemed legitimate if born during a marriage or the father has signed an affidavit of parentage. It does not matter that the unmarried parents lived together with the child; it even does not matter that the parents got married after the birth of the child. So often, parties will break up and the father will have no enforceable rights until he goes to court.Rademaker Law, P.C. has filed paternity cases even before the baby was born so that the father had immediate contact and enforceable rights with the child.

On the other hand, the determination of paternity is an absolute necessity. Paternity tests can be 99.9% accurate. Given the cost to raise a child for a minimum of 18 years, Rademaker Law, P.C. always recommends obtaining a paternity test so there is no question as to the parentage of the child. We can help you arrange for those tests privately.


Rademaker Law, P.C. can obtain the necessary authority for individuals seeking to help their grandchildren, elderly parents, family or friends who need it. Schedule a consultation to determine what court proceeding should be arranged so that the care provider can obtain the proper authority. There are many levels of authority which range from a simple power of attorney to the most intensive authority found in a guardian and/or conservator. Together we can decide which authority is best for the case.