Criminal Law


The first and foremost thing to do if you are being investigated for a crime is to demand that you have an attorney present at any questioning or interview. Ms. Kelley and Ms. Rademaker have been hired at the investigation stages and had better ability to control the outcome than after the client had a police interview.

We have handled over 1500 state criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. We assist clients with bail and bond questions, including bond reduction motions. We also represent clients in post-conviction matters, including expungement of their record.

Operating While Intoxicated Cases

At Rademaker Law, P.C., we handle all Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) matters, including driver's license issues and motions to suppress evidence gained from a bad stop to a full-blown trial. We also represent those facing charges of causing an auto collision while driving drunk or without a valid license.

Theft Crimes

We handle theft charges ranging from retail fraud, often known as shoplifting, to forgery or writing bad checks, to non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges. We also handle all other theft charges from embezzlement and welfare fraud to purse-snatching cases, including auto theft, armed robbery, unarmed robbery, home invasion, breaking and entering, and larceny in a building.

Sex Crimes

Given the Sex Offender Registry, these types of crimes have dramatic collateral affects on people's lives, even their families. A conviction severely limits where you can live and where you can go. Often times the initiation of these allegations is when we can be most effective in limiting the charges. We have successfully represented persons accused of rape, child sexual abuse, molestation, Internet child pornography, statutory rape and solicitation for prostitution.

Drug Charges

Drug possession, drug delivery and obtaining prescriptions by fraud are a few of the more common charges. Our firm has successfully suppressed a large quantity of illegally seized substances resulting in a dismissal of charges. More often, getting a charge changed according to the true facts and circumstances of the allegations is the result we achieve for our clients. There are also many driver's license sanction issues that people do not understand affect them as a result of being convicted of a drug crime, regardless if you were driving or in a vehicle. The intricacy of how a case is scored in sentencing guidelines can make a difference between community sanctions or prison. Our firm takes the time to look at every facet of how a charged crime affects our client and we assist that client to achieve the best, individualized result for them.

Violent Crimes

Domestic violence charges carry bond and sentencing requirements which can include losing your rights to possess firearms. Often the development of one fact can reduce the charge to a misdemeanor crime from felonies such as Felonious Assault and Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm. It is important to consult with our firm as soon as an incident occurs so that we can better preserve your evidence. When scheduling an initial consultation, be sure to notify us of the incident date so that priority can be given to your appointment.